Thursday, May 12, 2005


Okay, so I was bummed that Rob and Amber didn't win the Amazing Race. I thought that they deserved to win based on the way that they raced but Uchenna and Joyce deserved it for their heart and perseverance. Besides, they are going to use the money to start a family. I think that this race meant so much more to them than being a reality TV celebrity -- they had a higher purpose from the beginning. So congrats to them.

Thank God Anthony Federov is gone. I think he needs to audition for the part of Mark in RENT. He would be perfect for it and I would buy tickets to see him in it. I still have Carrie for the win.

My fave girl was voted off America's Next Top Model. Bye, Brittany! Now I think I have to go with Naima.

Lots of other things going on besides catching up on my "Now Playing" list on TiVo. Still training hard, as hard as I can, but my physical therapist benched me for two weeks because of my leg. One more week left then back to hardcore training.

Work is great. Boss is going to China for a week so I expect chaos next week. I love chaos.

Saw the end to a high speed chase yesterday. Wasn't a good end of the guy. That's what you get when you run out of your car with a gun, jackass. *sigh* Will people ever learn? And I am sure that there is going to be outrage because the cops shot the fucker. I'll throw my hat in the ring and applaud the police for doing the right thing. Good job, officers.

Sorry for being choppy. A little under the weather again. AGAIN. *grr*

Back to work....


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