Monday, May 23, 2005


I am so relieved right now that I could cry. As I mentioned last week, my boss was in China on business for 6 days and I had to cover for him. This man is the busiest man on the planet and I had no idea HOW I was going to do his job and mine. We were slammed all week and I was tearing my hair out trying to keep up. I was totally freaked out on Friday because I was sure that there was something that I missed or messed up and I was just sure that he was going to yell at me when I came in this morning. I even came in early because I wanted to get it over with before the whole office was in.

I walk in and he smiles and says, " Good morning! How are you?" and that was about it. He is in a totally good mood, telling us about his adventures in China. I even went in and asked if anyone had called with issues and I told him about a couple of pricing issues that he might be worried about and he said, " Don’t worry. You did great. Good job!"


At my last job, every time one of the boss’ came back from vacation, I got read the riot act for missing something, no matter if I was coming in early, staying late, working my ass off to try and keep up. I never felt like I did a good enough job, even when the boss’ were there, which is why I eventually left. It is so refreshing to have a boss that trusts me and appreciates me. I love my job!

This weekend was awesome. I went out on Friday night with a crowd from the karate studio to celebrate a birthday. We went to a place that does karaoke. Sensei was buying everyone drinks and all the boys got up and sang "I’m Too Sexy." It was freakin’ hilarious. The girls—The Black Belt Beauties, if you please—sang a couple of songs, dancing around on stage and acting crazy in general. I got a little trashed between a couple martinis and countless lemon drops. I was rescued again by Jimmie and Reggie Rae, who were my champions and rescuers when my car got towed a little while ago. They drove me home again on Friday.

Saturday morning made me realize that Lemon Drops are the devil incarnate. I can count on my fingers the times that I have ever had a hangover, and those times are usually after 10 shots of tequila. I was in PAIN on Saturday. Headache, stomachache, the works. Of course, joy of all joys, I had a SIX HOUR seminar that I had to be at. Fortunately the gods invented Pepto Bismol for mornings like this and I started feeling human before the seminar started at nine.

We were taught how open hand and weapon techniques by a master in Jeet Kune Do, which is the art that Bruce Lee trained in. This guy has actually trained with all the students that Bruce Lee trained personally. He was a total wealth of knowledge and a very nice guy. He made a speech about how refreshing our studio was because of the respect and politeness that every student showed. It made almost all of us get choked up with pride when he was making this speech. I love my school.

He also told me I was pretty and he liked my dimples. That made me blush.

Coming up next…A Sunday at the Renaissance Faire!


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