Monday, August 15, 2005

Back and Barely Recovered

This is going to be an interesting week.

We had a GREAT time out on the Horizon charter boat this weekend. The crew was great and the conditions were awesome. We spent Saturday at San Clemente Island doing beautiful kelp and cavern dives. There were sea lions playing all around us and a ton of sea life. A couple of divers saw blue sharks. It was really cool to go into the caverns and see the lobsters crawling all over the place.

We went to Catalina on Sunday. During our first dive, I had an asthma attack while I was 80 feet under. When I realized I wasn't going to get my breath back, I sent HL to catch up with our other friend (who promptly sent him back to me -- I was close enough to the boat to not be worried but you know how men are.) I got to the boat and the crew helped me out and got my inhaler. I was better after I hit my inhaler but I sat out the rest of the dives. The crew were such sweethearts. Every single one of the guys stopped by to make sure I was feeling okay and making sure that I didn't need anything.

I was a little bummed that I didn't get to dive but I was on a boat in a beautiful location with a bunch of cool people. I grabbed my book, chilled out on the sun deck and still have a good time.

I am exhausted. I leave for D.C. tonight. Hopefully, I will grab a nap on the plane.

Again, thanks to the crew of the Horizon -- Gary, Carl, Ronnie, Mike, Mark, Dave, Martin, Spencer, Shea -- Anytime you want to dive or fish in San Diego, make sure you check them out!


Blogger GreenTuna said...

That sounds like so much fun! There is a lot of fun SCUBA diving on the Outer Banks (where I vacation). People get to dive around all the sunken ships. Have a safe trip to DC.

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