Thursday, January 19, 2006

Anatomy of a Mob

Being trapped in the crowd at the front of the stage at a concert has got to be one of the coolest feelings in the world. A whole mass of people around you, moving in unison to music that touches them, excites them and inspires them. Jumping and dancing at the command of the master puppeteer that is the band and the music they create. Enjoying the touch and connection of strangers who for a short amount of time become your friends, your comrades. Sharing a bond with them that is created quickly and broken violently when the last wail of the guitars die out and the house lights come on.

Corey and Me in the Pit.

Meg and I spent Tuesday night at the House of Blues, jamming to the Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Zebrahead, and Bottom Line. I had lost Meg by the time RBF came on stage but by then I had a whole new crowd to move with me. Corey, a friendly Canadian boy, became my shield against the storm, wrapping me up to protect me against the pit forming behind us. Jade, who talked me into crowd surfing and lifted me up onto the sea of hands, which had to be one of the most awesome experiences of my life thus far. We moshed and skanked and moved together, covered in sweat that I am sure was only 10% my own.

I am bruised and sore and utterly content.


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