Tuesday, June 06, 2006

All Things British, Among Other Things

I have decided that I am treating myself to a trip to London for my birthday in October.

Of course to do this, I need money.

So I went back to California Vapor and got a part time gig doing delivery and some sales. A daily rate and a smaller commission percentage but they are working around my restaurant schedule so it is all good.

My Jonny is going to provide lodging and be my tour guide, so it shouldn't be too expensive. Plus with such a handsome guide, I know I will have fun! :)

I figure the extra money that I earn will also help me buy a bed. The cot is getting old. I think I may just get an air mattress in the meantime.

World Cup is here and since I hang out at the local English pub (and with the influence of a certain friend) I am catching the fever. Churchill's will be open whenever there is a game on, so guess where I will be at 6am on Saturday morning? On a barstool, Guiness in hand, rooting on England. I am even going to get a cute little English "football" jersey. This should be fun!

Graduation season is here and that means busy busy restaurant. We have been SLAMMED the past two nights. Good for my wallet, bad for my brain.

I was in a super good mood tonight, thanks to a visit from a certain Marine. Myke and I have been hanging out a lot lately and I am stoked. Still very sad that he is moving to Sacramento in September for a recruiting position, but we will have a good summer. Plus how can I resist when he shows up at my door in uniform? I practically swooned. :)

I am a little tired but I think I will head out to Church. I could go for some music, friends and Guiness tonight!


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