Thursday, May 25, 2006

I broke it off with Todd today.

There were certain things about our relationship that were becoming unhealthy. I saw some red flags and ignored them because he wanted me, dammit. But after two of my close friends pointed out the same things, I decided I needed my space. And with his reaction to that request, he pretty much sealed the deal on it.

So no move back to Washington and now, a total re-emergence into the singles scene. Again.

I have a date next week and tenative plans for two more this week. This is such an exhausting thing. It is fun to meet new people though. Or get in touch with old crushes from high school, which is what I did this week. We will see how that pans out. I kind of hope it does to some degree because he is an awesome guy (as far as I can tell. My judgement has been off lately.)

Now to work my ass off so I can AFFORD to live in San Diego! :)


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