Friday, April 21, 2006

So I got this really great job serving at a nice Italian restaurant in my city. Great hours, great co workers and my boss' are awesome. My training is going really well and I was on the verge of making really good money when...

I woke up on Sunday with a 103 degree fever. And I have been bedridden ever since. Can't drive, can barely walk. All of my friends are afraid I am contagious so I have been alone. Todd has kept me company on the phone and would stay on with me while I crawled to get cold compresses and water, just to make sure I didn't pass out.

HL finally came to my rescue with soup (which I promptly threw up but I appreciated the gesture) and a ride to the doctor on Wednesday.

I have a severe kidney infection and strep throat. My doctor was this close to admitting me to the hospital. He called me a "tough girl."

I am feeling better now, not 100% by any means of the imagination but at least I can sit up for extended periods of time. But I can't go back to work until I get a release saying I am not contagious. And my doc is closed on weekends.

And I am going north to my parents house in two weeks. So I have been hired for a week, then sick for a week, then will work for two weeks, then I need another week off.

I am lucky my boss' like me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley, your a lost soul. You will NEVER figure it out, until you are happy with yourself. And it is CLEAR you are not. GET A BACKBONE!!!!

2:05 AM  

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