Sunday, April 09, 2006

So I move into my new place today! I am sharing a two bedroom apartment with a 31 year old restaurant manager. The price is right, the location is great and I am stoked!

And once again, I stayed out too late last night. Meg and I also ran out of gas on our way home from a party, so I had to walk down the freeway at four in the morning to get gas! That was so much fun...except it wasn't.

I am so tired but I am meeting up with an old friend this afternoon so I have to WAKE UP! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaah! Nothing like a quiet Easter. No un-intelligent broads flapping their gums about shit they know nothing about.
OH!! and HL's new love is very nice and very pretty. The whole family just loves her.
Steve would be an idiot to even consider taking your stupid ass back.
Happy Easter BUDDY!!!

8:17 AM  

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