Sunday, April 30, 2006

I think sleep is overrated. At least I hope it is. I have seen the sunrise two days in a row now and I am a little tired.

I started serving on my own at the restaurant this week. I think I am doing pretty good. There have been a couple of small crises but all in all, things have been good. I got MURDERED last night, just with big tables. I am going crazy and having so much fun all at the same time. AND I am making good money. I can pay my rent this month *yay*!

Everyone at the restaurant seems really nice. I hadn't hung out with anyone or really gotten to know anyone until I ran into three of my co-workers at Church last night. We ended up hanging out all night, drinking at one of their houses. Since meeting people was pretty much my whole reason for working at a restaurant, I was happy to finally have made some friends there.

I have become a regular at Church. They start building my Guiness when I walk in the door. I love having someplace I can go after work where I can always find someone to hang out with and have good conversation with.

I should sleep today. I'm not going to since I am meeting someone for drinks this afternoon, but I really should sleep.

I guess I will sleep when I am dead! :)


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