Saturday, June 03, 2006


Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored Bored!!!!

My date tonight was too tired to come over, my Dream Guy from last night thought I had plans all this weekend (which I least until Brady fell asleep!) so he went to Long Beach to visit his brother, and I turned down hanging out with Nate because, again, I thought I had plans.

So here I sit, bored with beer in hand, too wired to go to sleep. Alone. *sigh*

I think I will read my book and smoke until Jonny wakes up. He is my Brit Boy Toy and seeing that smile always makes me happy.

Seems a little boy crazy, huh?

I am honestly having so much fun. It gets a little crazy at times but I have been meeting some really fun and interesting people. Not all of them are prospects. I hung out with a couple of guys on Wednesday who were just friends. We went to Church and partied it up.

Eric, my roomie, told me he wishes I would slow down just so he can keep their names straight. Not that I am sleeping around, I have just been accepting more dates lately. Of course, I had a brain fade and forgot one of their names the other night (only for a second!) but it still makes me laugh.

But the one last night....

That's trouble.

Myke is a Marine stationed at Pendleton. We met on the online dating site that I have been on for the past couple of months. We chatted, on IM and the phone and then he asked me to dinner. A week in advance. That to me was such a breath of fresh air. Most guys ask me out to drinks that night. It is completely obvious what they are interested in, and it ain't my blue eyes.

So I have had a week to anticipate this...

When we met at Joe's Crab Shack, it was awesome. Very tall, very cut, very cute. Funny, polite but still enough of a bad boy to keep me interested. We chatted over beers and crab legs about our families (he has a little boy) and our lives.

He asked me out dancing and we went to a club near my house. Oh boy, does this guy have MOVES! It was awesome. We only stayed at the club for about an hour because we couldn't talk over the music.

Back to my house for a couple of beers and conversation... And the boy who had MOVES on the floor? Made no move on me. Just talked and kissed me a little but no pressure to put out. He even slept over because my roomie is out of town and I am scared. Still no pressure. Just a warm body to keep me safe. I haven't slept that well in months.

We just kept looking at each other and tripping out about how comfortable we were. He played that song "I'm Sprung" for me and we just laughed about it.

Kind of caught off guard and breathless about this. I'm still a bit cynical about guys but I am very interested and excited to see what is going to happen.


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