Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Things

I am still without internet access so I am sitting at my friend's house where a bunch of people are having fun and I am typing away on the laptop. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

I moved into my new place and things seem to be going well. I say seem because I have spent one night at my own place in the past ten days.

Why? You ask...

I went out to a little bar by myself two Thursdays ago. I was on my way to the beach and I wanted to have a beer before I headed out to lay out. So I went to the bar and was drinking my Guiness when I found out there was going to be live music. There was this guy Dalton who was just singing the blues with his guitar. There were a bunch of his friends there and when I turned around from the bar, I ran straight into this chest. I had to look up (remember, I am five ten) into this guy's face. I said, "Goddamn! What are you? 6'5?" He said, "Actually, I'm Loren. And good guess!" We started hanging out, hit it off, and the rest, as they say, was history! We have been inseperable ever since.

He is 27, has black hair and hazel eyes and is the sweetest thing. He lives about two blocks from the beach and has a boxer named Tyson. He surfs and is super active and healthy. He is a very good influence on me. I feel so well rested and content. We have so much in common and we get along so well. I think there are supposed to be rules about spending so much time with someone straight off but we have decided to blow off the rules and just do what our hearts tell us to do.

I have been spending so much time at the beach as a result. I love it! I drive Loren to work in the morning and then take Tyson out for a super long walk. Clean up the house a little and then I either go to work or if I have the night off, we BBQ with some friends. Life is so relaxed and good. I love to sit on the beach and watch him surf. And he is going to get certified in diving so we are going to be off to exotic locales to surf and dive.

So I am stoked. Very stoked.

I was sad to have to end some of my budding relationships, but I feel like you know when things are real and right and I am feeling that right now. I figure that things will work themselves out.

What is meant to be will be, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

>"What is meant to be will be, right? "

Were you born wise or do you have a wonderful tutor?

-Anonymous Coward

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