Thursday, July 27, 2006



I paid my roommate my rent for July and he in turn did not pay rent to the apartment complex. AND he basically told me that he wasn't going to be able to pay rent so we were going to get evicted. THEN his solution was to find one of his friends that could come up with a couple of grand for advance rent -- so the gist of the situation is in order to keep an eviction off of my credit, I have to move out and let this other guy move in.

So yeah, I pay my rent and I have to move anyway. How fucked is that?

And oh, I had a whole week to find a place.

My mom wants me to move to Idaho. My sister wants me to move to Arizona. Jonny wants me to move to England (which is definitely my top choice. I just can't afford to right now.) AZ is a good choice because I can definitely afford my own one bedroom apartment. Then I think about buying furniture and dishes and I panic. I really really really like the fact that I can fit everything I own into my car. I am completely mobile and not tied down or committed to anyone or anything. I LOVE THAT. I could decide to move on tomorrow, just pick up a drive.

Flip a coin. Heads Carolina, Tails California. (I love that song.) Maybe Boston? (Just kidding.)

I think I found a place in Esco. The guy is nice, if not a little nerdy. The apartment is nice and clean and the room is a decent size. Rent is same as what I am paying now, so I know I can afford it. Hopefully it will pan out.

Everyone is worried about me but they don't need to be. I don't worry much about these things. I am healthy, happy and free. I am capable of working anywhere and doing anything... I am a lot more resourceful than people give me credit for and I am kind of enjoying living on this little edge.

It's about time I got this wanderlust out of my system anyway. London first, then where?


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