Monday, June 19, 2006


I feel so accomplished this week!

I stayed in on Thursday and rearranged my room. I got rid of all of Eric's daughter's things and really set up an "adult" room, complete with my huge air mattress (which will have to do until I can afford a bed.) I have my pictures on the wall and I feel like I finally have a haven of my own to retreat to.

I went out with my friends, Aaron and Jeremy on Friday night. We just went to Church and hung out, had some beers. They introduced me to another of their friends, who was super cute but I think I am slowing down on the dating thing anyway. Working two jobs is putting a cramp in my style!

Saturday I went to the beach with Jaime (our second date). We relaxed out at Dog Beach with his doggie. That was fun, but then I had to go to work... *sigh* Seventh day straight...


My Jonny called! He called, he called, he called...all the way from England. That was the BEST thing EVER! Such a sexy voice to go with that cute face and sweet heart. I can't wait to visit him in October. Best birthday present ever!

We just chatted about things for a couple of minutes because it was very late for me and very expensive for him. It is hard to believe that I have so much chemistry with someone from so far away. October is going to be awesome.

Eric and I cleaned the house today and I hung out by the pool. Then back to work...eighth day straight. I wonder how long before I collapse.

I just found out we are in danger of being evicted. I already paid my rent but E is having some financial difficulties so I am scrambling to help him get back on his feet too. So the two jobs will continue for a good while. But then, I can buy my ticket to London, buy a bed and buy some new clothes. Oh and pay off my cell bill.

Now I am tired...going to go sleep in my clean clean room!

Oh yeah...P.S. I have decided that I am writing a book titled "Plenty of Fish" More details later!


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