Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What A Day

1. Got up at NINE AM. Ugh...considering I didn't go to sleep until five.

2. Drove Eric to work since his car is still in impound.

3. Discovered the gnarly bruise on my collarbone from grappling with John.

4. Drive John home and leave to meet Ryan for breakfast.

5. Get stuck in traffic. Traffic so bad it makes me a half hour late to breakfast.

6. Have a lovely breakfast, have ABSOLUTELY no chemistry.

7. See old friends, Chris and Eyn, driving down the street. Catch up with them and stop for a drink while they have lunch, therefore making myself late for picking up Eric to pick up his car.

8. Rush home only to get a flat tire. Put air in the tire and drive to tire repair store, noticing on the way that ex-HL is at the dive shop.

9. Do a U-turn and go to shop to say hi. Hang out and talk when a red head comes in.

10. Get introduced to ex-HL's new love, who I have never met and who doesn't particularly like me.

11. Come home after getting tire fixed (for free, thank you God for making me a girl.) and have a wonderful chat with Jonny.

12. Obtain MAJOR headache but head off to work...

13. Work a party with a new server, who is slow by proxy and who leaves me with all the sidework.

14. Go next door to Applebee's to see friends and get cold shoulder from best friend.

15. Call Myke and he has to go to sleep for work tomorrow.

16. Sit home, typing stupid lists and wishing you had a shoulder to cry on.

I'm exhausted and lonely. I need a hug. I need my mom. I need x. Just someone to talk to.


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