Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yay England!

Beautiful free kick by Beckham today! It was so awesome being at the pub when he scored -- the whole place went up in cheers and as the clock wound down (or up as you would have it) one of the bartenders put on "We Are The Champions." It was cool. :) My new red England jersey is officially my "lucky" jersey.

I talked to my Jonny again today. Funny how just one conversation can put such a smile on my face. He was pure comedic gold once he saw my weekend guest ( a VERY misplaced and not to be repeated invitation to an old friend) and started ripping on him. I was cracking up so hard that I woke up the slumbering beast from the couch (where he spent the majority of the weekend.)

I had a good day at work tonight. It was slow but I still managed to make about $80. I'll have my rent for July paid soon enough and I can turn towards paying off my cell bill and buying my ticket to England! (I'm such an Anglophile lately -- that's the word, right? It's all my Jonny's fault!) This whole working two jobs thing is taking a bit of a toll but it will all be worth it in the end.

It was effing hot today. Close to or over ninety degrees with over ninety percent humidity. Ugh. I should have been at the beach.

Oh and I learned some HTML and got to pimp my MySpace out a little bit! Check it out!


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