Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Meet the Parents

After almost a year of dating (and living together) Loren is meeting my parents tonight.

-cue scary music-

The parental units drove down from Idaho, making a stop in Utah to get my nephew baptized at a Mormon temple (dumbdumbdumbdumbdumb!) and making a stop in Vegas. They'll be here tonight to take L and I out to dinner and then they are off tomorrow to pick up my big sister and move her to Idaho with them.

Loren is a little stressed about it but I really don't think he has anything to worry about. He is a little hung up on the fact that my dad is a retired sheriff. I tease him about how "tough" my dad is when in reality he is a big teddy bear. I am his little girl. As long as I am happy, he doesn't care who I am with. ( Case in point - see Todd: ex-con who made bongs for a living.) I still think it is kind of funny to make him sweat a little.

We are going to Joe's Crab Shack - yay!!

In other news, I was about the throttle one of the guys in Loren's dive class last night. There always has to be ONE that asks a bunch of pointless questions. I understand wanting to have a better knowledge of the sport, and truly the more knowledge the better, but WHY THE FUCK are you slowing down the entire class to present EVERY. SCENARIO. known to man about what "could" happen in the water. Ask on your own time, not mine. I'm tired and hungry and I want to go home.

This is why I don't do well in school. I am always sitting there screaming in my head, "IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT JACKASS!!" There's always one.

I was able to take the time to talk to My David while I was waiting for Loren. It's always nice to catch up. He never fails to make me smile.

Aaaand I better get back to work....


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