Sunday, September 16, 2007

So since I got fired on Thursday and since I NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER plan on working in an office again, I changed the subtitle on my blog. There is no more corporate habitrail for me. Woot!!

We spent the whole weekend packing. Between the two of us, L and I have WAY too many clothes and WAY too many pairs of shoes. And since our wonderful little queen kitty, Bodi, decided to use the closet as her litterbox (oh and my bed too since I cleaned out the closet...grrr) I have so much laundry to do.

L had a dive today so after I dropped him off at the boat, I came back up and ran the yard sale. We made a whole whopping $20! I think we didn't advertise enough. We'll try again next week.

I have miraculously gotten my deposit money together so I should be able to wire the money to Mexico on Tuesday. Hopefully my equipment comes quickly so I can get some lobster diving done once the season opens.

We have two more weeks until the move into L's parents house and 77 days until we leave for Mexico. One month until my birthday!! It will be small this year because we are saving for our trip. All I want is a gift certificate for a pedicure and an Aqualung travel suitcase.

I have to go to court tomorrow so I can try and talk my way out of a red light camera ticket. I got popped for not stopping completely when I turned right on red. Hopefully throwing myself at the mercy of the courts will lower the $400 ticket.

Tuesday is dedicated to tracking down my birth certificate and getting my passport application submitted. I already have to pay extra to get it expedited. What a pain. I also have to apply at a couple other restaurants. Fun fun.

I'm sure I'll find time in between to go to the beach though. I have to wear a spring suit to surf but my board is out of the shop so I am stoked on that.

Oh and L made me put the top up on the Jeep. :( That's a sign that fall is here.

So is football!! Go Bucs! They beat the Saints today! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow~ so much happening with you lately! Congrats on your internships. How exciting! Good luck with everything! Keep us updated:)


7:24 AM  

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