Monday, July 16, 2007


All of you have seen Finding Nemo right? I am TOTALLY Dori from the movie. I get distracted by the slightest things (Oh look! Something Shiny!!)

This weekend has been unnaturally bad though.

Friday: I backed the Jeep into a car parked behind me. I only nudged it with the spare tire and didn't do any damage but the lady had been there the WHOLE TIME and I was thinking about something else so I didn't even look when I backed up.

Saturday: I was pulling into the garage when my mind wandered and I ran into the work bench. I dented one of the plastic fender flares. Loren was SO mad!!

Sunday: I was walking back to the barber shop after a break and I stepped off the curb and almost got hit by a truck. I was off in my own world and didn't realize I was walking into traffic.

So that was my weekend... -sighs-


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