Friday, July 13, 2007

So yeah...

When did Thursday become the new Friday?

After a week of staying up until midnight to recap for HamsterTime, I was EXHAUSTED yesterday. I wanted to go home and go to sleep. As per usual, Loren's party clock and my party clock are completely out of sync and he wants to go get a pitcher of beer at Bub's.

I gave in and we, along with our new neighbor Brook, headed off to downtown O-side for a drink.

SEVEN HOURS LATER, it is 2am, we have obliterated six pitchers of beer and a couple of shots each.

What was I thinking? I can barely keep my eyes open right now. I managed to wash the stink of beer and cigarettes off of me before I came into the office so I don't think I furthered my party girl reputation that much.

But man I am tired. Loren and I have to go into Esco to pay the deposit on our SCUBA trip in November. Then we are going to meet up with a family I used to hang out with ex-HL and I were together. I haven't seen the kids in forever and we have been talking over Myspace. I am looking forward to seeing them.

And then I am sleeping until like 2 tomorrow.

Loren did the sweetest thing for me today. I don't have any money and forgot to grab something for lunch this morning. Since I was an hour late to work today, I couldn't leave for lunch. So my sweet baby ordered a pizza and had it delivered here so I would have something to eat.

Isn't that awesome? There is a reason why I am keeping this man! :)


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