Sunday, August 19, 2007

Today was awesome...

First, we went to one of my fave restaurants in Esco. They make the best cinnamon rolls and I haven't had one in forever. It was a great way to start the day.

Then we went to our dive shop and they were having a killer sale. Loren and I both bought a bunch of gear and hung out with another diving couple, planning our boat trip for November.

Loren and I drove home, away from the FREAKING heat and went and jumped in the water. It was so warm and a perfect beach day. Loren gave me another surf lesson, then I laid out and watched him surf.

When he was done surfing, I grabbed the longboard and headed out, determined to catch a wave on my own. It was tough work, paddling against the current BUT...

*drum roll please*

I CAUGHT A WAVE!! Woot! I can officially say I surf now because I caught a wave under my own power. It was effing awesome to look towards the shore and see Loren cheering and yelling. SOOOO stoked!

Then the whole group headed out the Head for a couple of drinks and we all went to see Superbad. I was laughing so hard my tummy hurts.

There was like ten of us, passing around our contraband Jack and Coke. I loved just chilling with the crew, all of us laughing our asses off and just enjoying being together. Matt is leaving us in November to head to the Virgin Islands so it is nice to make some memories before he heads out.

Now my man is laying down, watching football and waiting for me. It's a perfect end to a perfect day. Another perfect day in the string of perfect days that is my life.

Who ever knew that life could be this good? Even through the tough times, when we are looking at our empty fridge and cracking up about eating Ramen again, life is good. All I have to do is look across the room at the love of my life. All I have to do is walk down to beach and marvel that it is my backyard. All I have to do is pick up the phone to one of the crew calling to hang out. All I have to do is BE and I know that life is beautiful.


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