Thursday, October 04, 2007

So Much Going On...

Bodi had her kittens! She had them a little over a week ago. There were 5 originally (3 black ones, one dark gray tortie, and one bright orange tabby) but one the second day, Tyson decided he wanted to play and licked one of them to death. :( We were very sad. Tyson didn't know any better but he could tell I was upset with him.
We moved into Loren's parents house on Monday. With the three younger kids in the house things are a little chaotic but they are fun. We are getting so much more sleep than we have in the past because we eat our home cooked dinner and we go to bed! It's nice and relaxing.
I am helping Marty out at CVC again. It gives me something to do with my day.
59 days until Mexico! I really need to get my passport...


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