Friday, February 01, 2008

Okay, so details...

I was supposed to take my Divemaster exams last week but I didn't feel ready so my wonderful instructor, Cheryl, let me delay them until Monday. I passed all of my practical exams (skills, leading clients, stamina, etc.) and all I needed to do was take my written exams. I studied, studied, studied over the weekend and took my exams on Monday. I hadn't been nervous while studying or while taking the exams but while I was waiting for Cheryl to grade them, I was a freaking wreck!!

But I passed. And I am happy. :)

We also got taken out on the boat on Tuesday to do a watermanship test that Jorge requires of us because he has met too many "professionals" who are scared to be in the water. He had us do a "bailout" which is a Neptunes requirement for becoming a professional. Basically, he took us to 12-15 feet of water. We had to jump in the water holding all of our equipment with the air turned off and the regulators purged. Once we hit the bottom, we could turn on our air and breathe and then we had to put on all of our equipment without losing control of any of it. In order to sink effectively, you can't inhale and hold your breath because your lungs keep you buoyant. So you have to EXHALE (which is totally against instinct) and then jump in.

I asked Jorge how many people do this on the first time and he said "None."

Oh, how I love a challenge ( and a bet!! He bet us dinner...)

So Mac went first but his feet broke the surface so he failed. Then Greg went and we watched as his bubbles came up, which meant he was breathing, then Jorge gave us the play by play from the surface. Weights on, fins on, SCUBA unit on, and he did it!! Woot!

So SOMEONE did it. This meant that I could do it too.

I jump in with my kit in my arms and hit the bottom about two seconds later. I have the lung capacity of a gnat so I was hurting already. I was yelling at my carbon dioxide levels in my brain "YOU DO NOT NEED TO BREATHE YET!!" I almost bailed but then I got my air turned on and found my reg. Okay, the hard part is over...

I wasn't trained with a weight belt so I am not that smooth with one but after I got it on and got my fins on, I realized that I was going to do this! BCD goes on and VOILA! I DID IT!!! Wooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo!

Doing the bail out on the first try was better than passing my exams. I don't have a fear of water, per se, but my asthma is always a big consideration when doing things like this and I really think I conquered it.

Besides, Jorge owes me dinner now. :)


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