Friday, December 07, 2007

Mexico is unbelievable!! We are having so much fun so far.

We arrived on Sunday and after I got my first stamp on my passport and went through customs for the first time, we were met by Mariano, who is the head instructor at Neptunes. He took us to pick up the IDC instructor, Erik, and then he dropped us off at the hotel, where they put us up for the night since our room wasn't clean yet. We found out very quickly that there is NO "quickly" in Mexico. Everything is done on manana time ( like I'll do that for you manana). One thing that Mexico teaches you is patience.

We have to walk everywhere, so it takes a little bit to get anywhere. I am going to get into good shape though!

Everyone is really nice and the locals are very willing to help our Spanish along.

More later and pictures but I have to get to the doctor to get my medical forms signed off.

Hasta luego!


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