Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Five days left! When I started my countdown, it had like 70 days on it. Now we are down to our last week and hardly seems like anytime has passed at all. We bought new luggage, have our tickets, passports and everything else ready to go.

I am so nervous! I have never really been out of the country (TJ doesn't count!) so I have no idea what to expect. Loren is Mr. World Traveler, so he is alternating between telling me to relax and telling me not to pack so many shoes!

I have given all but one of the kittens away and Travis and Jenny (our awesome awesome friends) are taking care of Bodi and the Jeep for me. They took such a load off of my mind!

I got sick over the weekend so we didn't get to do our last cold water diving trip as planned but we will have our fill of diving in a couple of days. My goals for my first two days in Mex (we don't start school until Wednesday) are to get a tan and do some diving. :)

Hasta la vista!


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