Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alright, we are going to do a fast forward to yesterday since I will never have the time to catch up everything…


The resort has a certain Kellerman’s feel to it (the hotel from Dirty Dancing). Everything is all inclusive and they have a myriad of activities that the hotel patrons can occupy themselves with all day. There is cheesy 80’s and 90’s pop music blaring by the poolside all day and every so often an MC gets on the PA system to announce that water aerobics are starting in the lower pool. There are families with screaming kids running down on the beach with the dumpy matrons in skirted, flowered swimsuits chasing after them. The performers for the “Hollywood” stage show practice their dances, choreographed to the soundtrack from Austim Powers on the main stage. My fellow employees at the towel stand make small talk with the customers while getting their information to give them big fluffy towels for the poolside. I drift around humming “I Have the Time of My Life” while gathering my mask and fins to head down to the bay for rescue drills.

Our instructor, Cheryl, must have been in a sadistic mood because she started us out with a 400 meter swim. Then we had timed runs with the torpedo buoy, Baywatch style, to “rescue” one of our classmates. As I made it out to Peter, huffing and puffing, I swore she was trying to kill me. Luckily, I felt better and got faster the more we did it. I was hoping that we would get to do kayak rescue but Cheryl let us out early so we could get a couple of dives in the bay. Unfortunately, the IDC kids had taken all the weights, so there was only enough weights for Loren and Kiel. So poor little me had to lay out on one of the lounges and work on my tan before we had to head to class for our Primary Care class.

After a couple of hours laughing at each other performing CPR on our “victims,” the CPR dummies (Sid and Nancy), all four of us (me, Loren, Peter, and Kiel) headed out to walk around town and get some food. We stopped in at the boy’s house (which made me feel lucky that we have such an awesome house) and then over to Peter’s favorite taco stand. There is certainly nowhere in San Diego where you can score four carne asada tacos and two Coronas for less than five bucks. We just relaxed in the waning light and talked about our lives outside of Mexico. It was a nice way to unwind after a tough, physical day.


Our toilet is stopped up at the house and there is no plunger in sight, which means Loren is not a happy camper. I guess we’ll add a plunger to our shopping list for tonight. We are luckier than others though. The electricity went off at Peter’s house yesterday and judging from his look when he came to class, it wasn’t turned back on yet.

We headed out early to class this morning and in what has become a routine over the past couple of days, we were followed to class by a skinny little black and white dog with a bum leg. I’ve named him Tripod. Apparently he likes gringos because he used to follow Cheryl around. He’s a savvy little fellow, crossing the street at stoplights to lessen the chances of him getting hit. He will trot in front of us, turning around every so often to make sure that we are still behind him.

I’m typing this on a break from our Deep Dive class. We got interrupted this morning by the IDC class charging into ours because they smelled smoke in their classroom. There is no fire but they are airing out the room.

Oh, class is starting again…to be continued after our wreck dive this afternoon.


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That place would need to update their music library so that they wouldn't be stuck on playing music from the 80's and 90's.

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