Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mexican Diet

It`s never a bad thing when someone who hasn´t seen you in a couple of weeks runs into you on the street and says "You`ve lost a lot of weight!!" I guess all of this walking, swimming and hauling of tanks is finally starting to pay off. I have noticed my clothes getting looser but it was nice to hear someone else say it.

Stress may have something to do with it also. I officially declared myself for the Instructor Development Course that starts on Feb 11. I haven´t completed my divemaster course yet so I am simultaneously working on that and prepping for IDC. It is kind of crazy but I thrive best under pressure so I think I am handling it pretty good. Loren is being really supportive of me and is helping me get through it. He is really being a trooper because I can be grumpy when I am stressed. He is waiting to do IDC in March so he can get more experience and this way, we`ll be able to take care of each other as we do our respective IDC`s. It`ll be nice to have someone to cook for the other and do their laundry!

Decompression theory class starts soon, so I will have to write more later...especially about our whirlwind trip to Puerto Vallarta and our new housing arrangements!


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