Sunday, March 30, 2008


When we decided to go to Mexico to become instructors, Loren and I had this idea of how our life was going to go. We knew that once we finished our course and returned to the States that it would be easy to fall back in our old habits -- maybe even return to the same type of work. Having creature comforts like our Jeep and our dog and having all of our friends around is a powerful lure. So we made this pact that we would have a job before we came back Stateside. Things ended in Manzanillo a little sooner than we expected and we weren't where we thought we would be financially so we didn't have a position in place before we came home last week. I had been applying to places but since we don't speak more than one language, jobs have been a little hard to find. On a whim, I sent an email to a resort in the Bahamas that reminded me of the Lost Boys Lodge in "A Salty Piece of Land" by Jimmy Buffett, which is my favorite book. Loren hadn't even passed his instructor's course yet but I thought it would be worth it just to try. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from the resort but after a couple of getting to know you emails, I didn't hear from them again. Loren and I left Mexico at the beginning of the week and on our last day down south, I got another email letting me know that the decisions were being made this week and Loren and I were definitely still in the running. Woot! Fast forward a couple of days. Loren and I are enjoying our stay in Idaho with my parents, even though it is really flipping cold and it is snowing. We have made our snow angels, had our snowball fights, and even had our picture taken with a little bear cub. ANNNNNNNNND, we have been asked to come to the Bahamas for an interview. We sadly told the resort that we couldn't afford the flight there because after all, we have been interning for the last four months. "Oh no worries," they say, "We'll fly you here and all of your food and accommodations are included." Oh. Okay! You don't have to talk us into that!! So we are headed to the Bahamas on 4/11. I thought it was just for a week but they just emailed and asked if we had any issues with staying on a little longer. Let me think about that for a second... :) So, we are pretty stoked right now. Now I just have to figure out how I am going to get home for my 10 year reunion in July!


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