Saturday, November 15, 2008

I laid in the moonlight with my sweetheart the other night. It was a crystal clear night with a big bright full moon. We went to the hammock at the end of the dock and laid in each other arms while the gentle breeze rocked the hammock. Then we went to bed and listened to Chicago sing power ballads and we giggled.

Life is fabulous.

Things have been a little hectic lately so it was nice to have peace and quiet and a little intimate moment with my love.

We are open for our 2009 season and while we haven't be jamming busy, we have been busy enough to keep the crew busy. Without our two senior staff members (one left for good, one left on an extended vacation), I have been appointed not only captain of the dive boat but dock leader. Add on top of that a new marketing plan for the resort that I am helping spearhead and you have one busy me.

I am doing more diving than ever though and our team and skills are really starting to gel so I am definitely grateful for all the opportunities that are being given to me (even if it means more responsibility!)

My 28th birthday came and went (and brought Tiffany boxes with it!) We adopted a new dog, Sarah and Rex is thriving and happier than anyone has ever seen him. The only thing missing is our friends and family and we are doing our best to get everyone motivated to come visit us.

Come out and see us!! There are plenty of hammocks and moonlight to go around (but I get dibs on the handsome dive instructor!)


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