Monday, April 21, 2008

Island Love

Two of the guests got married yesterday afternoon. The entire staff was whipped into a frenzy to make sure that we pulled of the couples' perfect day. The outside bar was decorated with beautiful batik fabrics and native flowers and plants. Maintenance made and decorated a gorgeous arch that was placed at the end of an aisle of young palm trees. The weather cooperated and the ocean was flat, the sun was shining and there was slight breeze.

I was privileged enough to be the photographer and I was also privileged enough to lend the bride my promise ring so she would have something borrowed. The love and devotion that was in their eyes while they said their vows was so pure and so strong that I feel like my ring has been blessed by being in the vicinity of that powerful of an emotion. It was hard for me to focus through the tears (thank god for auto focus!!).

All of the other guests watched the ceremony and counted down when the bride and groom "took the plunge" by jumping off of the end of the dock. Then the happy couple changed into dry clothes and partied with the rest of the guests through a gorgeous sunset and under a full moon.


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