Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Update for all of my three readers...

As you may know, I live in San Diego and we are burning right now. Our beautiful blue skies are black with smoke and orange with fire. HammieLove and I are fine. The fire is five miles or so from our house, but it would have to burn through the entire city of houses in order to get to us. We are not worried and have not had to pack for evacuation as of yet. We can watch the fires from the top of our apartment complex and will have plenty of warning. The air is bad enough that, being as asthmatic as I am, I cannot venture outside without a mask on for more than a minute or two. As it is right now, I am in my office with a mask on because the ventilation system can't keep up with the smoke.

Friends of mine have not been as lucky. I have more than one that are evacuated right now and have no idea what is going on at their houses. One friend's parents are the recipients of a miracle as they have discovered every house on their street and in the surrounding neighborhood has burned except for theirs. They now have a bird's eye view of devastation.

Our Humane Society burned to the ground two years ago as the result of arson, and the newly rebuilt (on the other side of town for good measure) is now in the path of the fire. The adoptable animals were sedated and moved, but there are still "strays" at the shelter that cannot be rescued at this point.

The whole county has been devastated. Please keep us, the newly homeless families, and especially the brave and heroic firefighters in your prayers. You can donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund at www.sdarc.org .
San Diego is also facing a critical blood shoartage, so please donate locally so that if they have to go to other places for blood, it will be available. (I believe you can designate that donation to benefit San Diego too).

Thanks for your thoughts and I will update later.


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