Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hi, I'm Hammie and I'm a Republican. *hi, hammie*

I'm moderate but conservative. I supported the war. I voted for Bush. Now with the next election looming, I am torn.

I know that Bush's economic policy sucks. I am not thrilled with the deficit. I believe in the tax cuts but I also know that something is not right.

I think that once we turn over power to the Iraqi government we need to get our guys out.

I support gay marriage. I am pro-life myself, but would never force my opinion of that on someone else. I am pro-medicinal marijuana.

I am also pro-gun. In fact, my step-dad is giving me a 9mm as a gift this month. I believe in being able to protect my home.

As you can tell, I have issues.

So I am not sure I am going to vote for Bush again. But I do know I sure as hell am not going to vote for Kerry.

What other alternative do I have?


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