Monday, August 22, 2005


Six Feet Under finished up the series last night. I had been losing interest in the show for the last season or so because it was SO depressing. It seemed like they had lost the orginal comedic tragedy feel that had made the series so original. I have to say that they series finale was AWESOME. Major props to Alan Ball for writing and directing a great end to a great show.

HammieLove and I celebrated our six year anniversary yesterday. We went scuba diving (in crappy conditions - oh well). Then we sort of lounged around, had lunch at Spaghetti Factory and watched the Six Feet Under finale. I wrapped his present in thigh highs and lacy underwear and he gifted me with multiple presents *wink*wink*blush*!

Sorry, was that TMI?

Anyway, it was nice to reflect on what a great relationship we have. We have definitely had some rocky times, last year in particular, but I can honestly say that it has been the best it has ever been this last six months or so. I am madly and deeply in love and looking forward to the future!


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