Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I resolve to:

Quit smoking.

I hurriedly smoked my last cigarette so I could run in and get a spine melting kiss from Loren when the ball dropped. Loved the kiss, kind of regretted the rushing of the cigarette. Oh well. It's been 34 hours and I am fiending. I was totally a bitch to Loren last night and he just told me that he loves me and he is proud of me.

Be healthy.

Losing weight, not eating junk food, not drinking so much beer, exercising regularly -- these all fall under BE HEALTHY. I don't want to jump on the New Year's diet bandwagon. As this year progresses, I want to ask myself BEFORE I do something, "Is this healthy?" And if it is not, then I shouldn't do it.

Unless it's the occasional piece of chocolate. Because a girl needs her chocolate.

In other news, I am very excited because one of my big sisters is coming to visit on Thursday. She will be the first member of my family to meet Loren. He says he is not nervous but I don't believe him. I know that she will love him!


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