Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Quick Update

Okay, for those who have been trying to reach me, yes my phone got shut off again. When it got stoled a couple of months ago, the girl that stole it charged about $140 worth of downloads to it before I turned it off. And T-mobile shuts your phone off if you are THREE DAYS past due on the bill. So until I come up with $200, my phone is off...

That being said, I have tired of having to live paycheck to paycheck, tip to tip, so I am looking for a "real" job. And I am quitting serving when I find one. I have the "skills to pay the bills" so to speak and have decided that it is time that I use them. I don't want to have struggle to pay my rent and my cell bill anymore. What sucks about looking for a job right now is that I don't have a phone for them to call me on. Tell me how THAT is going to work?

Loren and I are doing awesome. We had a great Halloween. He was a gangster and I was Dorothy. I'll post pics when I can...

Hope everyone is doing well! :) *mwah*


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