Monday, September 18, 2006

Oh man.

I am tired. EXHAUSTED. Last week was my first week back working full time at my day job and keeping up the same schedule of 25 hours a week at the restaurant. I can't believe how shattered I am. I have to work tonight and between the two jobs, the first day I will have off in 14 days is this coming up Sunday.

I am trying so hard to not be grumpy at Loren. He is being really supportive and understanding and he gives me props for my work ethic. I just have to keep it up for a couple of months and I will be out of debt and have a nice balance in my checking account. Thousands of people work two jobs to survive and support their families, I can do it just for a couple of months.

I am tired though.

I have to go buy a new cell phone tomorrow to replace the one that got stolen. Grrrr. That is a hundred dollars that I don't need to spend.

On the bright side... ONE MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!! *yay*


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