Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Smoke Signals

I am alive and well. Only $150 more to go until I can turn my phone back on. We are looking at like, Sunday at the latest.

I have been half heartedly looking for another job. Hard to do with no phone to get contacted on. The good news is that one of my friend's told me last night that her work is hiring. I sent my resume in yesterday and she is going to recommend me to her boss. So hopefully, I will get an interview this week and get a job! Loren is totally bummed about me having to work on the holidays, so it would be much better if I got a normal day job. Plus, the salary is about, oh, TWICE what I make now, so life would be SO much easier.

Loren and I got a kitten on Sunday!! She is SOOOOOOOO effing cute! We named her Bodacious Splash, or Bodi for short. Tyson is still in the "trying to eat the kitty" stage but he is calming down day by day. Soon they will be best buds. I'll post pictures when I can.

Love you all!


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