Monday, December 18, 2006

Working but Not

My company moved into its new office space today. Everyone was busy this morning unpacking their boxes and getting their desks organized. I, on the other hand, sat around. I didn't have my own desk and computer until this morning. I have no office supplies and no accounts so I basically have nothing to do. Everyone else is kind of slow right now too so I couldn't even help them out.

So I have been surfing My Space all day and pricing Christmas presents for Loren.

We went and got our Christmas tree this weekend! Loren put up the lights outside and I did the lights on the tree and then we decorated the tree together. It was so nice. We got a little "Our First Christmas" ornament and we hung it on the tree together. He is so awesome.

I had the very enjoyable pleasure of stepping in dog poo this morning. That would make it three times this week. Tyson is rebelling again me going back to work full time and not spending the day with him. So he? Went in his cage this morning.

Well, I am off to smoke. It will give me something to do to break up the my space monotony.


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