Thursday, October 30, 2003

Happy Happy Joy!

HammieLove got a $5000 bonus today! Woohoo! This came that the perfect time. His birthday is tomorrow, we are going to desert ( for all of you non-Californians, this translates to a hellbent, hair raising weekend on our dirtbikes and dune buggy), so HL can buy his new dirtbike. :) I am very excited.

On the downside, my dirtbike is still in the shop, but I threatened to go in there and cry if they didn't fix it by tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I bought HammieLove tickets to see Comedy Central Live with Dave Attell. We love Insomniac! It is such a fun and funny show. He is going to love them.

Do you have your costume all set for Halloween? I am going low-key with a painted kitty face, a shirt that says "ROWR", clip-on ears from Hot Topic, and a feather boa tail. Gotta carve my punkin tonight for the contest tomorrow. I should cook some chili for the cook-off but I don't think that I am going to. I had to order cornbread for 60 people. The guy at the restaurant thought I was crazy. (I am, but that is a whole 'nother story.)

I had better get on the road. Gotta hit the mall for more presents, the crafts store for stuff for my costume, and I have to clean the rest of this apartment for move-in. Plus, A VERY SPECIAL Survivor. Twists, twists, and more twists! *cues ominous music*

Have a great night!


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