Friday, January 16, 2004

Fiction Friday

(As shamelessly ripped off from Photo Friday and grace's Food Friday)

Today I am currently reading The Wizard and the Glass by Stephen King. TWATG is the fourth in The Dark Tower series. Dark Tower is Stephen King’s life’s work He began writing it when he was nineteen and would put a new book out every seven years or so. After his near fatal car accident, he decided to sit down and finish it. The Wolves of Calla , was released late 2003 with the other two books that will complete the series coming this year.

I have read TWATG previously, but I started reading the whole series again to refresh my memory.

I can’t really go into the whole story of this particular book because it wouldn’t make sense out of context, so let me tell you the premise of the series.

The Dark Tower series follows the quest of the world’s last gunslinger –a knight of sorts. His name is Roland of Gilead and he is on his quest for the Dark Tower. Roland seems to live in almost a futuristic parallel world, except that the world has “moved on.” I say futuristic because there are references to the “Old Ones” that created giant robotic animals that are “gatekeepers”, electricity, and other modern conveniences, yet the people in Roland’s world speak in an almost Shakespearean “high speech” and travel by horse.

Along the way, Roland ends up “drawing” (I apologize for the “”, but if you read the books, you will understand) three people from the world as we know it. A schizophrenic woman who is missing both legs, a boy named Jake, and a heroin addict named Eddie. The come from the same world but different times ( the 60’s and 80’s).

Roland, Susannah, Jake and Eddie follow the path of the Beam on the search for the Dark Tower, encountering many terrific and horrible things along the way.

From its inception with The Gunslinger, the Dark Tower series captured and held my attention. These books are nothing like King has ever written and definitely his best work. I recommend them highly.

On a second note, I am leaving work early to drive six hours to my mom's. But first? I have to go to the DMV. Yay me.


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