Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Traffic seems to taunt me every morning. The two mornings that I have made a concerted effort to get out the door on time, there has been NO traffic. Yesterday? I am running 4 minutes late and it is PACKED. Coincidence? Or f-ed up karma?

HammieLove and I had a heavy, but weird, decision to make yesterday. Our friend, PastorD, is a reserve chaplain for the Marine Corps. Ever since 9/11, he has had to travel abroad ALOT to Afghanistan and Iraq, sometimes for months at a time. He approached HammieLove last night with a proposition.

Apparently, PD has been contracted by a civilian agency (sounds like Alias!) to consult on the rebuilding of Iraq. (Now I have no idea why he, as a chaplain, would know anything about this...maybe his private job qualifies him for this...I don't know) His contract allows for $90,000.00 for an assistant/bodyguard. This assistant would have to spend six weeks doing military weapons training and would spend a year in Iraq. His job would be to basically watch PD's back as he was going about his business. PD originally asked another friend of ours who is a former Marine sniper. Sniper has a wife and two kids so he said no. Soooo, PD asks HammieLove! He said that if he wanted anyone else with him, he would want someone who is loyal, courageous, and who has balls. Now, HL has never been in the military, but he has a lot of weapons knowledge. HL very excitedly told me about this new opportunity.

Now, I had a panic attack right on the spot. In the five years that we have been dating, we have been apart 4 days at the most. And we were miserable. I am totally afraid of the dark, I hate being home by myself. I am not cut out for this. But this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and I don't want my fears to stop him from doing it.

HammieLove called me this morning after discussing taking a year leave of absence with his boss. His boss was okay with it and told him that he would do it himself if he didn't have a family. Greaaat. HL called to tell me that though he was flattered with the offer, he was going to turn it down because he didn't think that we could be apart like that. It was very sweet. And now I am relieved that I don't have to worry about that.


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