Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I got encouraging news last night. I hit the gym before I headed home and I have lost 5 pounds! In a month. Not as quick as I would like, but it is something, right?

I don't know what my issue is as of late, but I am having very serious self esteem issues. BossMan invited me to this black tie affair next Wednesday and I really want to go. But there is this little voice in my head that is screaming, "You don't belong there! They will eat you alive!" What is wrong with me? I never would have been intimidated before... I think that I have to go just to prove to myself that I can. I will keep you posted...

I have been reading some of my other favorite reads when I realized that everyone includes their kitties in their daily adventures. So allow me to introduce my "kids":

Neopolitan Paws (aka. Neo) She is a three year old tuxedo cat. I found her underneath a dumpster when she was two days old and looked like a drowned rat. I was a truck driver at the time and my boss let her ride in the truck with me because she had to be fed every hour or so. So I rode around to construction sites delivering supplies with a little kitten in the front pocket of my overalls. You should have seen those tough construction workers coo over my kitty (Dirty!). Neo looks like a Siamese, except for her coloring. And she THINKS that she is the queen of the house. And despite her very social early years, she is very anti social to strangers. Not in the hide under the couch kind of way. In the Come-any-closer-and-I-will-snatch-your-ass kind of way. And she definitely loves HammieLove more than me.

Bulldozer Valador (Aka. Dozer) Dozer is almost two, all black, and 22 pounds. But he is not fat! He is just BIG. Do-do is the most docile cat. He is friendly, loves to be pet, and does somersaults onto his back if you do pet him. He never meows, hates to be picked up and is in general a sweetheart. We think he has screwed up depth perception because every time he tries to jump on the counter, he misses by an inch. He is my love right now because he has started to sleep in the really cute Pineapple cat bed that I got for Neo when she was a baby.

Switch E. Roo (aka Switch) Switch is our kitten. She is about 6 months old, and a gray tuxedo cat. And she is LOUD. Switch is the kind of cat that meows just to hear herself meow. She will get lost in the cat box and meow brokenheartedly until someone calls her and then she trots out, happy as a clam. We got Switch on Mother's Day of this year. HL and I happened to be in Petco, when I heard her crying from across the store. I went to see where the crying was coming from, and some employee had her and was wearing a sign that said "Free to a good home" HL said "NO!" because we already had two, but I cried my eyes out and he changed his mind. (Evil women, I know...) He warned me that if she was that loud at home, I would have to sleep in the other room with her. "Oh, no!" I said, "She'll be fine! She is just traumatized right now!" Ha! I wish! That cat has not shut up since! She is a suckler. She gets this certain meow going, crawls up on the bed while you are sleeping and nurses on your fingers. She is relentless and a terror. The only cat that tears up toilet paper (she carries it around like a prize...and a full roll is twice the size of her head. It's hilarious!) She hunts down my feather duster. But she really is most adorable. I think she is a runt because she is still really small and should be near full grown.

So those are our kitties. Didya notice the Matrix theme? We are fans! :)

Switch got sent flying a number of times last night for snitching the bows as I was trying to wrap presents. She knew that she was doing something wrong too! She would be sitting there all prim and proper, tail wrapped around her legs when BAM! she was off with another bow in her mouth! Grrrr... I spanked her a couple of times. I doesn't do any good though. She's a rebel cat...


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