Thursday, November 13, 2003

Health Watch 2003 Update

Yeah, well I don't really have a cold anymore (just a little cough) but now I feel overall like the scum on my shoe. I am nauseated (nauseous? I don't know), have NO appetite, and just generally feel a little off and woozy. I had to go pee in a lovely little cup for the doc yesterday to rule out a kidney infection (negative, thank god) and today I have to go get a blood test.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is either my asthma or a sinus infection or a cold or SOMETHING. If I ever got AIDS, I would die in an hour because I already have no immune system. I hate going to the doctor, I hate getting prescriptions, I hate it all. *sigh*

My friend graduated from college last night. The guest speaker was awful! He had a degree in speech communication and we all kept trying to figure out why he didn't utilize it. He actually started his speech with the whole story of the dash in between the years engraved on your tombstone. "What will YOU do with that dash? What that dash REPRESENT?" I swear, I have gotten that message in a cheesy email fprward at least a dozen times. Then the rest of his speech was every other cliche that I have gotten by email this year. Que original. Meh.

The good news is that my doc told me to eat whatever sounded good (since I don't feel like eating anything at all). Bring on the chocolate! Hell yeah! *sigh* Too bad the thought of it makes me want to vomit. I get free license to eat what I want and my body is rebelling. Does anyone know when they can start doing body transplants? I don't want mine anymore!


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