Monday, November 10, 2003

UGH. I still feel like crap. For all my faithful readers, I apologize for keeping you in suspense over what is happening in the VEry exciting place that is my world, but I caught the flu. (Thanks ALOT HammieLove!) I ended up leaving early on Friday and spending most of Saturday on the couch. I went to bed at SEVEN THIRTY on Saturday night. What a party animal.

I don't really feel flu-y right now, but really shaky. I thought that it was maybe because I didn't eat much yesterday and I forced myself to work out this morning.

**I have to digress for a sec-Has anyone noticed how Nick Lachey's new song sounds JUST like 98 Degrees "I Do"? **

Anyway, the reason I didn't eat much yesterday was because I got this recipe emailed to me for Crock Pot navy Bean soup. I put it in the pot at noon and waited until 8pm (forgetting to eat in the process) to eat my glorious soup! Gloriously AWFUL, that is. I took one bite and threw my bowl away. HammieLove, the wonderful man that he is, ate about half a bowl, saying" It's not bad." Until I declared that it was a crock of shit (literally) and then he sighed with relief and put it down. So I tried to sustain myself this morning to workout on salad from the night before. I just ate though and I still feel yucky. Crap. I hate this.


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