Monday, November 03, 2003


Riding 60 + miles on a dirt bike over rough desert landscape can really take it out of you! I discovered this the hard way this weekend in Ocotillo Wells. It was a gorgeous weekend, barely windy, not too hot or too cold. We had a great time, but man, am I feeling it! My back, my kidneys, my legs. If this is how I feel at 23, how will I feel at 28 or 30? Sheesh.

Oh yeah, if you drive a lifted white truck, were in Ocotillo this weekend, dusted a three wheeler in the pitch dark of night and are a TOTAL ASSHOLE, I owe you one! This guy RODE my ass for about a mile, then passed me going really fast, throwing enough sand in my face to make Rupert his OWN island. Since I couldn't see, I drove off a 4 1/2 foot drop and I am lucky I didn't crash and break my neck! My wrists hurt so bad from the fall. I was lucky I saw it at the last second and hit the throttle, because I would have gone ass over teakettle if I had fallen off of it instead of jumped. I was pissed! If the entire male population of the desert didn't ALL drive lifted white trucks, I would have tracked him down and popped his tires. JERK.

I feel SO old sometimes. I know that sounds weird, but 80% of the partiers out there are my age and I think that most of them are immature assholes. They drink, ride drunk, then have drunken parties, and drink more. The girls act like sluts to get and keep the attention of these guys. Granted, a lot of the guys are hot, but still. Some of the behavior you see at the desert or out at the river or Lake Havasu is down right gross. When I have kids, I want them to go out to the desert and have fun, but I don't want them being like that. Is it possible to raise kids that can have fun without being stupid? *sigh*

I think it is funny that I low motorcycle-riding-self-esteem. I have been riding for about three years and am really comfortable on my three-wheeler. I tear it up in the day time, but as soon as the sun goes down I turn into a big wuss. We were doing a night ride to "The Hill," which is where everyone goes at night to hang out. All the trucks line the road up and light it with their headlights, they turn on the music and break out the booze. The buggy wasn't running right, so HammieLove told me I could catch a ride in another buggy and he would ride his bike. I didn't want to look like a baby, so I said that I would ride my bike. As soon as we start out, I start to get scared because I can't see that well with the dust, and it is hard to tell where the dips, bumps, and rocks are at night. I had to keep a mantra going in my head "I am a good rider. My body knows what to do. I know my bike. I know how to ride. Stay loose and go with it." I was very proud of myself when I made it to the Hill and I was so stoked that when HL pulled off to watch, I revved it up and made the run up the hill (which is big and tall and bumpy and scary). On the way back is when I got run off that drop, and I didn't crash which proves that my body will react instinctively. I just have to convince my brain of it!

My motorcycle (the 2 wheel kind) is STILL in the shop. It was supposed be done on Friday, but some A-hole dropped the ball. I think I will be so much more comfortable on that bike. You have to worry about A LOT less road on two wheels than you do with three! I wonder if it beats you up less...We got home around four yesterday. I took a shower, wrapped up in a bath robe and fell asleep. I woke up at 6 this morning! I guess I was tired!

Alright, back to work....Sorry so long (if you are still with me!)


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