Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Health Watch 2003

I feel better today! I am still cough-y, but besides that, I feel fine. I even was on the cross-trainer for 30 minutes this morning.

Is there something in the air that is making men turn into assholes? I have like four friends whose significant others have turned into total asshats. Calling CPS, trying to kick them out of the house, disappearing for inordinate amounts of time, calling them the "C" word. It is really awful. Personally, if my boyfriend, fiancee, husband, whatever called me the "C" word, I would walk out and never look back. It takes a certain amount of disrespect to use that word and I wouldn't stand for it. I feel so lucky to have HammieLove, who loves and respects me. Why can't everyone be so lucky?

I am thankful for all the Veteran's that have fought, are fighting, or have given their lives for our country. More so, I am thankful for the fact that Veteran's Day is a bank holiday and it is keeping several checks from bouncing before HL gets paid tomorrow. So much for the bonus! We bought an RV over the weekend with it. I love our little RV and I can't wait to buy little dishes and towels for it, but it was nice to have a big fat amount in our savings account. I think that this has motivated us to get the cushion back. Once HL gets paid, I get paid on Friday and we will be able to work on that.

We get the crap-tastic pleasure of making the 8 hour drive to Tucson on Saturday. And the 8 hour drive home on Sunday. BigSis Hammie is having a housewarming party for her HUGE new house in AZ. I have seen the model and it really is a beautiful house, but I have yet to find anything endearing about Tucson. Sorry if you live there, but it really is an UGLY city. I am not looking forward to this. Not to mention the fact that I was TRICKED, because the party was originally supposed to be a 30th B-day party for her hubby. That is an occasion worth driving out for, NOT a damn housewarming. I would have just sent a nice basket had she not already told HammieNieces that we were coming. We haven't seen them since August so I guess it will be worth it. Even though we are going out there for 5 days at Christmas. Wheeeee!

Burritos for dinner tonight. Yum.

I ate so healthy today. Granola bar and juice for breakfast. English muffin and PB for snack. Tuna fish sammich for lunch. Whole wheat quesadilla for snack. Burritos not exactly health food, but all things in moderation, right? I am determined to lose 15 pounds by our company Christmas party so I can look fabu in my dress. All my friends here are like size 2, so I definitely don't want to be the cow in the bunch.

17 minutes to go...

I better get my desk clean. Until manana then...


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