Monday, December 01, 2003

And we're off! The holiday season has officially kicked off with "Black Friday." Thank goodness I am 80 miles out in the middle of the desert during BF. No temptation whatsoever when you have your motorcycle screaming in your ear!

I had a fun T-giving. We were out in Ocotillo Wells with HammieLove's fam and our extended desert family. Lots of kids, toys and fun. HL's sister, her husband and three kids came down from Oregon to stay for a spell (they are still here-in our two bedroom apartment-much fun) It is really nice having her down, but some shit was stirred while we were in the desert.

HL and I have a really good friend who is female, pretty and fun. She is equally my friend as she is his. She owns a dune buggy and a Raptor quad and likes working on cars and tomboy stuff like that. She is also fearless and will jump her bike or do dangerous stuff. I, on the other hand, tend to be a little more timid. I will go balls out on my ATC, but it took me a while to get there (and I still get scared sometimes--evidenced by the scrape on my knee when I biffed it going down a hill and had a "Hello ground nice to meet you" moment while my bike found my hips a comfy place to lay upside down on). HL can be a little hard on me, especially when I am being a chicken. He knows if he pushes me, I will get mad and do it to spite him, eventually getting over the fear. But he can also place blame on me for things that I don't necessarily deserve the blame for. (Like being late leaving because "I" wanted to stop for breakfast, not because DBIL had to stop for formula and snacks and took an hour to do so...stuff like that) Well, DSIL got tired of him picking on me (he teases alot--I know this and have come to peace with it, or I give him a piece of my mind when I am tired of it). DSIL got into a screaming match with HL about it and pointed out to him that he treats me like crap but his "protoge" could do no wrong. Part of me had to agree with her, though I generally have no complaints about the way HammieLove treats me. I am always hearing how "Proto" tears it up and how she did this so good and that so well. He never tells me that. I hear about how I don't keep on the throttle enough or whatever. (In my defense, my new CR250 is FAST.) He never mentions that I tear it up on the Hill, while Proto kept burying herself at the top. Not to mention the fact that her bike is the Cadillac of quads. You can barely feel the bumps on that bike, while the bumps will send me ass over teakettle on mine.

I know it doesn't sound like it, but I really never feel jealous of Proto. I know that HL loves me. But sometimes it would be nice to be acknowledged like that. I think that sometimes we are pretty even in a lot of things. I know that if she was a guy, I wouldn't feel competitive with her at all. I think that I need to go back to that way of thinking. She is just like one of the guys when she is with him.

(BTW, for all of you yelling "FOOL!" at me right now, HammieLove would never ever ever ever cheat on me. I am completely and totally secure in this. Trust me.)

Moving on...

I got the first season of Alias on DVD from Netflix. I really want to go home and watch an episode, but our houseguests are still here. I don't even want to imagine the state of my house right now. It took me over an hour to do the dishes last night. Would it be rude to lock myself in my room for an hour to watch it?

Oh, look--time to go home! Bye!


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