Tuesday, November 18, 2003

*sings happily*

I feel good, so good *bum bum* so good *bum bum * and la la la!

I am in a great mood today! I worked out this morning, I have gotten a lot of work done today, and Thanksgiving is in a week! My motorcycle is FINALLY out of the shop (and it cost $100 less than we thought it was going to. Score!) I think that we are going snowboarding this weekend. And it is 70 degrees and sunny outside. I love San Diego. I can drive for an hour or so and go snowboarding. Or I can drive for an hour or so and be in the desert.

So I made Garlic Lime Salmon yesterday. I hated it. HammieLove loved it and ate my share. I don't know why I didn't like it, but I didn't. I think I will have better luck with the Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken I am making tonight. Yum!

We are going to see Dave Attell in 2 days! That is going to be a great night. We are going to go to Nagi's (one of my fave restaurants) for dinner and then to the show. We don't know if Dave is going to tape an Insomniac or not, but it is a Thursday night, so somehow I doubt it.


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