Thursday, November 20, 2003

Other things that bug me:

People who leave ten car lengths ahead of them in traffic. Things would probably move a lot faster if you would STOP talking on your cell phone, pay attention, and drive WITH the flow of traffic.

Hearing "right away" when I have 15 other things that are waiting to be done RIGHT AWAY.

Chocolate Cravings when I am working on losing 15 pounds by Dec 20.

Banks. Still.

On a good note, Big Sister Hammie didn't take me head off when I called her yesterday. I figured that she would still be miffed that we didn't do the trek to Tucson last weekend. She was fine. Who are you and what have you done with my sister?

A CHP officer died on the freeway yesterday. He hadn't died yet when I was griping about the fact that they shut down the freeway that I take home, but now I feel bad because his day was MUCH worse. His poor family. Tragic things can really put life into perspective, you know? At least when I get home, HammieLove will be waiting for me. Another one of our friends died over the weekend too. Fatal heart attack at 37. His wife got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and when she came back, he was dead on the floor. It is so sad... We go to karate with his sister and they lost another brother earlier this year. That one was stabbed. I couldn't imagine losing two of my brothers in one year. *sigh*

Well, this is an uplifting post!

We are going to see Dave Attell TONIGHT! I can't wait!

5 days until HammieLove's sister gets here with her hubby and three kids. 5 new people in my itty bitty 2 bedroom apartment. Too much fun!


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