Friday, November 21, 2003

I am so frustrated right now. Why do men have to be difficult? You would THINK that most men would LOVE to get 50 yard line seats to the football game this weekend. You would THINK that they would call their girlfriend who got them the tickets jumping for joy. You would THINK.

NOT HAMMIELOVE! Grrrrrr... I love the man with all of my heart but sometimes he drives me up a wall. All he can think of is that we have to do this that and the other thing in order to get ready for the desert. Why can't we do it on SAturday? Or Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening? Why does it have to be so hard? Can't we just go to the football game, drink beer and have a good time?

Now that I know that he doesn't really want to go, if he does go, I bet that he will bitch about stuff. Traffic, the expensive beer, the crowd, the heat... something.

50 YARD LINE SEATS! Plaza level, even. Probably the greatest seats that I am ever going to get in my life.

Why don't I take someone else, you ask? Because I want to go with my beloved and I want to have fun. No whining or complaining. Just fun. *sigh*

Okay, I feel better now.

On a lighter note, the comedy show was great last night! Dave Attell was a riot, Lewis Black was okay. I am not a fan of the always-very-angry-fuck-this-fuck-that comedians. I like dry wit, sarcasm, and some cynicism, but yelling into the mike for your whole set doesn't turn me on. Plus, he had ALOT to say about Republicans and President Bush and since I AM a Republican and voted for and still love Mr. Prez, the humor was sort of lost on me. The hecklers blew me away though. In my family, one went to the "proper" theater. Polite clapping only please. To hear someone YELLING INSulTS at the performer on stage, I almost fainted. *gasp of horror* Once I got over the initial shock, it was fun to see the comedians shoot them down!

Wow, I definitely feel much better now. Unfortunately, I get to go sit in traffic for an hour or so. So I am sure that I will get frustrated again. This is a great thing since we are having people over tonight to watch the Ultimate Fighting Match between Tank Abbott and some other guy. And I have to clean an apartment tonight. I was supposed to test for my high red belt, but I haven't been to class in a couple of weeks and I am a little rusty. I will go to make-up testing and hope that they don't flunk us!

I had better go to work now since I was at the Recorder's office for two hours this afternoon.


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