Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I had a horrifying experience this weekend.

I found a STRETCH.MARK. on my lower abdomen. Not so bad if you are preggers, but just being a normal, slightly pudgy 23 year old it is HORRIFYING. Granted, they are small, but they are still there. FOREVER. And when I say slightly, I mean slightly. I am not obese by any means! I just don't get it. I haven't gained any weight lately. In fact, I have lost a couple of pounds. What a bummer. Finding Mr. Stretch Mark has kind of sent into a little depression. I went back on Atkins, even though I am not a fan of fad dieting. It works (for the short term at least) and I am hoping that as I lose weight, my workout regimen will keep my weight steady when I re-introduce carbs.

I noticed in the desert that I had wrinkles around my eyes too. I am only 23 people! Is this what happens when you get old? To add insult to injury, I don't get carded EVER anymore. Not even at the grocery store. I always figured bartenders didn't card me because I drink vodka martinis (as opposed to " hee,hee sex on the beach, please!"). At the store though, they are supposed to card you if you look under 30! *sigh* I am just a pudgy-stretch-marked-wrinkled 23 year old. No wonder the holidays are depressing.

As much of a Griswold that I am, the holidays can really depress me. A lot of people I know get engaged over the holidays. Yay for them, but I get so sad because it has been FIVE years with HammieLove and I know why he is waiting and all that jazz, but I wish he would just pop the question already! All the sappy jewelry commercials everywhere you look doesn't help either. Maybe if I wasn't a P-S-M-W 23 y/o he would propose, right? Okay, so I know that is not true, but don't try to rationalize with a PMSing depressed woman.

I have no clue what to get my boss' for Christmas. I mean, these people have astronomical amounts of money. What do you get for the people that have everything?

I am excited because I got HL SECOND ROW seats to see Carlos Mencia for Christmas. BEST. PRESENT. EVER. He is going to be so excited. Aaaannnnddd, I don't know what else to give him. Can we call off Christmas this year? (Unless of course he is going to propose, then it's all good. Now that I am back on this track, Christmas would be a great time to get engaged! ESPECIALLY when you are spending Christmas with your sister in Tucson and you know that their family friend is going to be there. Especially when this "family friend" dated HammieLove right before me--she was the last person he slept with before me. Especially if this who--I mean, family friend spent the next three years throwing herself at HL during every family get together. Now that would be a good time to get engaged.) Me bitter? nooooooo...


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